Every Little Bite Counts

Gastrectomy Connections is primarily a volunteer run website founded and created by a member of the community that has evolved from the Facebook Page formally known as the Support Page for Partial and Total Gastrectomy Patients.  In addition to volunteers giving their time and effort, there are  financial requirements to run and maintain this website. 

If you are part of the Facebook Page, or see yourself using this site in the future, your financial support will help keep this website running for yourself and the larger community.

The initial set up costs for this site were kindly sponsored until October 2018 by a fellow gastrectomy patient who is appreciative of all the support they have received through the Facebook Page. This member wishes to remain anonymous, but their contribution has allowed us to share more valuable resources with you all.

We would like to personally thank this individual for their very kind donation. If you would like to donate towards the ongoing costs of maintaining this online resource, your support would be greatly appreciated. Gastrectomy Connections is an official patient support program of No Stomach For Cancer.