Living Well without your Stomach

At Gastrectomy Connections, our mission is to provide unwavering support, resources, and a compassionate community where gastrectomy patients and caregivers can find strength in shared experiences.

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Our resources are a treasure trove of valuable content curated to empower those without part of or all of their stomach. Whether you’re seeking personal stories of triumph, or informative documents, you’ll find it all right here.


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Stories of Triumph

Our video library is a window into the lives of brave “stomachless” warriors who have faced adversity with unwavering strength. Through these personal stories you’ll find inspiration and a community like no other.

Empowerment Through Mentorship

At Gastrectomy Connections, we believe that support is essential to living a full, and healthy life without your stomach. That’s why we’ve built our Mentorship Program, designed to foster meaningful connections within a unique and supportive community.